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Mr.Nirmal Kumar, from Bangalore, recently got his beautiful home painted through aapkapainter. Glimpse of our work at his place can be found here.


4 Trendiest Design To Follow This 2016

The year 2016 is all about following trends that make your home look comfortable and environment friendly. The stimulating environment and a bright home décor style are the Must- Do things this year. Let’s explore the trendiest designs this 2016.

High Contrast Dining Rooms


This recent times have seen a growth in Dine- in culture back. People have become health conscious and so the kitchen has now become a place of experiments and merriment.Hence, the dining area is the focus area this year. Dark hues clubbed with beautiful accents make your dining room look inviting. Be quirky and choose patterns for your walls of kitchen as well. With the added textures you will find your guests coming back over and over again.

The Multi- Dimensional Work Place

This year has brought along ample opportunities to work from home. We have seen a rise on Home based work in the recent years. With this rise in the trend, make you work station look multi dimension. Bold colors, golden borders, Geometrical patterns, Plants and ample sunlight are must- haves this year. To bring luck and prosperity your way,  include feng shui tips for your work place. Check out our article on Fen-Shui Tips.

Natural Looking Modern Living Room


People are become environment friendly and consciously choosing the green way of living life. With this change comes another trend setting era of everything organic and in round about shape. Natural Green and Blue color are a hot pick for living room. Orange and Turquoise and best suited for the accents walls. Making look everything environment friendly and satisfying to the senses. Also, the feeling of optimism tags along.

Light up your living.

A lot of emphasis is given to the way your rooms are lit. Over the years, people have understood the brilliance of good lighting. Hence, investing in some soft lights brings along a feminine elegance. Using layers of warm colors and shiny surfaces make a splendid feeling to your home décor. Finally, a glossy finish to your ceiling reflects lights in the spectacular way!


Ways to Decorate Your Puja Room

Puja Room or the place we worship is the most spiritual place of our house. We offer our deep gratitude towards almighty God in this part of our home. Let’s find out best way to decorate this holy place in our home.

Choose the Direction.

Choosing a place for our worship is the most important part of our setting up process.According to Vastu, North East direction is the best location to set up your Puja Place.

Choose the Right Color

The right color for your puja room should be while, yellow, pink, green. Avoid using dark shades.This room should look fresh and appealing to your senses. Lighter tones help you calm down and focus well.

Choose Mandir

The Mandir or the place of the Idol are found in different size and shapes these days. The most preferred ones are the Marble or the wooden one. Choose according to the overall look of your home.

Keep it Clean

There is absolutely no compromise on this area. It has to be kept clean at all times.Dedicate a day to clean all your copper vessels that you use during puja. Clean the place every day to keep it looking fresh and smelling good at all time. This way you attract positivity in this holy place.

Light Up!

This room looks the best when it is lit up well. Invest in some good looking lamps and lights to keep the positive energy alive in your home. This room should be well ventilated adding to the positive vibes of the puja room.

Glass Door.

A glass door to close your puja room looks absolutely stunning. You puja room should be visible. This adds value to your home décor as well.

Flowers and Idol

Idols come in a variety these days. Choose the beautiful looking idols for your puja room.Especially, the ones that are carved with golden color. Idols or Puja room look incomplete if is not decorated with flowers. Buy beautiful flowers and arrange them well in your Puja room to give it a complete look.

6 Tips to Make Inspirational Space at Home

Quite often we lose hope. We need something to inspire us on daily basis. Having such a space, a wall or even a pin- up board in your home is a healthy practice. Follow these simple steps to create something motivating every day!

Choose a visible space

Your inspirational wall needs to be seen more often in a day. Hence, choose a space that can be seen clearly every day to you.

Paint it Bright!

The wall, space or room that you choose needs to be painted with a bright color. You can choose colors like yellow, or shades of red. These colors ignite passion and determination. Yellow is also a color for enthusiastic. The brighter the better!

Wall of Achievement

You could totally choose what you wish to see every day. Hang a frame of your personal achievements. Something that makes you feel good. It could be as simple as scoring good grades in a term paper or if you have won the best employee of the month award.Absolutely, anything that makes you smile.

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

Quotes are some of the handy tips that tag along whenever you feel astray of your goals. Choose the best of them and put it on your wall. You can also pin up on your refrigerator door. This also can be fun activity in your family. You children could post nice as well.

Spend some time every day

It is essential that you spend some time in that room every day. Allot some time to keep looking at the wall or the pin up board every day. This will energize you no end.Spending some quality time just looking at your achievements or happy times can make you feel stress – free immediately.

Boxes of inspiration

This could be one of the best fun filled activities that you could practice at your home.Each member of the family gets their own happiness bowl. Every time something nice happens with them, they make a little note and put it in their boxes. You could choose a day like New Year’s Eve or birthday and open those boxes to read out all those happy memories. This is a great way to bond with your family and feel gratitude towards the good things in life.

7 Ways To Make Your Home Brighter

There so many natural ways of making your home look brighter. It makes you feel positive and think optimistic naturally. The easiest ways are :

Pastel Colours


Pastel colors have the subtle soothing effect on your walls. Shades of blue and green reflect nature and help you relax at home. They give your home a brighter feel like no other hues. Contrasting with bright color vase can add volume to your home décor.


Mirrors give the reflection of wider spaces to your home. Vintage design mirrors add to the chic look of your home. Mirrors reflect light and that in turn gives the illusion of wider space. Placing a huge mirror at your living room immediately brightens your home.

Bright Accessories


Another simple and effective way of making your home look bright is by using bright colors for the accent wall or bright colors for cushion covers. This uplifts the entire mood of your home giving it a very lively feeling.

Unconventional Wall Art

Wall art are often underestimated. Unconventional wall arts accentuate the look of otherwise plain looking walls. This in turn makes the home look brighter and bigger than before.

Clutter less

A clutter less home makes it look well maintained and spacious.Identify spaces and de- clutter ASAP!

Fresh Flowers:

Freshness of flowers can brighten your home and mood both. Invest in a bold looking flower vase and bring fresh flowers at home every once in a while. This brightens the home environment like never before.

What’s your Raashi? Home décor Influenced by Zodiac Signs

Our personality shines in every aspect of our life. We decorate everything around us that suits our personality. Your home reveals a lot about your personality. Let’s figure out how your Zodiac sign influences your home décor.

1. Capricorn ( December 22 to January 19)

Capricorn is all about traditions. They like to surround themselves with anything that brings in traditions. They adore the colors Green, navy, and brown. Addition of bright flowers and wood pieces art will liven up their home. Wooden furniture and lamps gives their home a complete look.

2. Aquarius ( January 20 to February 18)

Strong graphic pieces and Modern amenities define the strong Aquarius home décor. This will be one of those houses which will have everything modern. However, the only feature lacking in this ultra modern home is the comfort aspect. Work on comfortable cushions and feel – good curtains to add to the spark of your home.

3. Pisces ( February 19- March 20)

For Pisceans, home is the safest place to day dream .Paint Dreamy sky blue color and green hint in your room to give you that peaceful state of mind. Also, having a fish tank in your home will be beneficial not only for yourself but your family too.

4. Aries ( March 21- April 19)

Vibrant colors rule this fiery sun sign. This sign requires a personal space for their intellectual needs and aspirations. Having a personal space allotted for your work will do wonders to your personal as well as professional life. Decorating with inspirational work,trophies and cups will give that extra boost!

5. Taurus ( April 20- May 20)

This sign needs the best of everything. They like to stay in their comfort zone with their favorite things around them. Painting, comfortable sofa and beautiful art in your home define your personality. Decorate your living room with a combination of brown and green to make your home look exactly as you feel.

6. Gemini (May 21- June 20)

They love electric colors and accents. A mixture of vibrant colors and quirky style defines their personality. Their home will not be anything like conventional. A little addition of entertaining space will complete their home.

7. Cancer ( June 21- July 22)

Cancerians love to socialize and spend quality time with their loved ones. They will have a lot of photographs hanging on their wall and they like to surround themselves with many such memories. They love to cook and eat and hence the kitchen will be their focus of area. An attractive looking table and comfortable seating are will liven up their social life ahead.

8. Leo ( June 23- August 22)

They like everything grand and exotic. Gold accent, deep red and sandy brown are their colors. They also include animal prints as accents. They have large gatherings at home and hence have exquisite chinaware. A warm fireplace at home can do wonders for their social life.

9. Virgo ( August 23 to September 22)

Virgos like everything clean and neat. They like everything orderly manner and hence a modular kitchen and amenities to store things effectively can help soothe their love for order. However, a bunch of fresh flowers will liven up their near perfect home.

10. Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Librans love style and elegance around them. They are the most artistic sign of all signs.They like everything in symmetry and proportion. Pastel colors create balance and harmony in their lives.

11. Scorpio ( October 23 to November 21)

Scorpions like bold and deep dark colors. However, their bedrooms need to be colored in soothing colors and serene pictures. Also, living near the water can help them soothe their nerves, benefitting their personal as well as professional life.

12. Sagittarius ( November 22- December 21)

They love outdoors and the smell of fresh flowers. A welcoming spirits of outdoors to indoors will help them feel fresh all the time. Having artifacts and Vintages artifacts do wonder to their home décor.

8 Precautionary Measures to Stay Healthy During Rains

July is the month of sickness. Almost everyone has some or the other symptoms of cold, cough or fever. Although they are not really malicious but as the saying goes, A stitch in time saves nine. Certain precautionary measures, if taken timely can reduce the risk of health risk further.

So let’s see how we can make our home Germ- free and safe to breathe.

Dust Home Regularly

It’s a myth in rains that we need not dust our home. Dust enters our home irrespective of the season. These dust particles can be harmful as they aggravate allergies and also sometimes asthma. Hence, it’s advisable to dust your home at least twice a week. Also, remember to dust them with a clean cloth or towel and wash that one regularly.

Quit Smoking at Home

During rains, the air is heavy with moisture. The nicotine- smoke aggravates the chances of heaviness further. Especially, if you have a child at home it’s best to avoid smoking at home. If you really have too, then choose an open area and let not the nicotine- filled air ruin the freshness of your home environment.

Say NO to pesticides

Pesticides are the most underrated harmful chemicals that are used on day to day basis. The harmful effects that they have on roaches and mice at home , eventually get’s on to us, especially kids. Use the natural repellents, Neem dhoop, Knitted web for your beds.They not only protect you and your home but also are environment friendly.

Clean Storage Water

Water storage has become one of the most essential part of our daily chores. However storing them for more than required time can be disastrous. We overestimate the usage of water required for a day or two. As a result we end up storing them for more than required time. Allowing the mosquitoes to breed in the still water and further risking our health at home. Hence, save water only as much required. Use the excess ones to water your plants.

Wash your hands Regularly

Washing hands regularly is one of the basis hygienic habits that needs to be followed more during rains. Your home becomes a hotbed of bacteria during this time hence washing hands with an antiseptic hand wash helps keep the bacteria and illnesses at bay.During the rains, we are tempted to skip showering as the climate is not too hot.However, bathing especially after you come from work is the most important habit to follow. As the water outside sometimes floods the roads and the roads are never clean,there are chances of attracting innumerable germs . Hence, take a good bathe with warm water and rinse it with antiseptic liquids.

Clean plants and Garden regularly

If you have pots and plants at home, it’s best to keep a close eye to them every once in a will. Neglecting them will only invite mosquitoes and harmful bacteria at home. Clean them regularly.

Doctor’s Advise

Lastly, if you still get yourself infected with flu it’s best to avoid home remedies and seek doctor’s help. If you find a lot of dirt and filth around your home clean them as soon as possible. Sip warm fluids every day to keep your immunity strong through these rains!